CRM 20.1 Release at a Glance

Avatar Rita Labrado
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Below is a list of items that will be included in the SigmaCare 20.1 CRM release:

Web Client:

  • Enhanced logic to make it easier to enter the Referral Source code for customers using the Allscripts prospects integraion
  • Secondary Diagnosis will populate in Resident Admission information
  • Added the ability for each organization to manage their territories


  • Added Geo-scheduling of activities on iPhones
  • Patient Referral Notes can now be added from mobile devices
  • Contacts can be added through accounts on all mobile devices

SigmaCare CRM - Care Management Platform:

  • Ability to update Ordering Physician, Referral Account, and Referral Contact from SigmaCare CRM

Download the 20.1 CRM Release at a Glance


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