UPDATED Message for SigmaCare CRM iPad and iPhone Users

Avatar Bob Ehrenberg
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Apple plans to launch their next operating system version (iOS 10) on  Tuesday, September 13th.  Please be advised that not all versions of the SigmaCare CRM app will work on this latest version. SigmaCare CRM iOS app version 20.2.0 and earlier will not work on a device running iOS 10.  

To ensure you do not experience performance issues, you must download the latest version of the SigmaCare CRM iOS app (v20.2.3) prior to upgrading your Apple operating system.

SigmaCare CRM version 20.2.3 will be available for you to download in the App Store today.


UPDATE:  We previously stated that the updated SigmaCare CRM iOS app for iOS10 was 20.2.1. We have updated this to the correct version that should be downloaded which is 20.2.3.

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