Auto Generate and Regenerate User Passwords

Avatar Rita Labrado
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Click Setup.


Click User Setup.


Click User Management.


Type the first few characters of the applicable user’s last name in the Last Name field and click Search.


From the Actions column, click  and then Reset Password.


Click Generate Password.


Select one of the following radio buttons:

·         View On Screen: will display the password only the screen and cannot be viewed again once the screen is changed. You will then have to convey this password to the applicable user.

·         Email: will email the password to the applicable email address and will be valid for two hours.

·         Text: will text message the password to the applicable mobile number and will be valid for two hours.


Enter your own password in the Your Password field.


Click Generate.


The password will be displayed on-screen and must be communicated to the user. Click Done to complete.


Note: If you select the Email radio button, enter the user’s email ID in the Email Address field that will be displayed. If you select the Text radio button enter the user’s mobile number in the Mobile Phone field that will be displayed.


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