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From the ADT notification box on the Dashboard, click the Hospitalizations Missing Details row.


From the Actions column of the first row, click Dismiss, if no additional information is available for that resident.


Click  to add missing information.


Click the applicable dropdowns and add the missing information in the Hospitalization Information box.


For a Discharge Record, the fields and options available are:

·         Admission Date

·         Planned? - Yes or No

·         Admission Dx Coding System - ICD-9 or ICD-10

·         OutcomeAdmitted, Inpatient or Admitted, Observation

·         Admission Dx – Enter the Admission diagnosis

·         Transfer Reason – Select a reason for the transfer.

·         Transfer Comment – Add a comment regarding the transfer.



For an Admission Record, the fields and options available are:

  • Hospital – Select the facility.
  • Hospital Type – will pre-fill.
  • Hospital Admission Date – Admission date of the prior facility.
  • Hospital Discharge Date – Discharge date of the prior facility.
  • Hospital Dx Coding System- Choose the coding system used by the other facility.

·         Hospital Admission Dx – Diagnosis as per the other facility.



Click Save.


Proceed to the next row on the log and repeat Steps 2 through 4 to complete hospitalization information for that resident.




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