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From the Resident Summary page, click the Progress Notes tab.


Click  Add New.


Select another facility from the drop-down if you wish to write a progress note applicable to that facility.


Note: You will see a Facility drop-down only if the Facility Filter for Progress Notes feature has been activated for your account. The default pre-fill for this field will be the current facility.


Select the applicable discipline from the Discipline drop-down.


Select the applicable type from the Type dropdown.


Click in the Progress Notes field, and enter the applicable text.


To select and insert predefined text into the Progress Note field, click the applicable link from the Progress Notes Library box.


Click >Spell Check if you wish.


Check the 24 Hour Report? checkbox, if you wish to send this note to the 24 Hour report.


Click Draft, if you have not completed the note, and wish to make further edits later.


Note: The note will be displayed with a Draft status.


Click Save to complete the note.


Note: The note will be displayed with a Complete status. If you do not have the permission to complete a note, click Queue. The note will display with a Pending Sign Off Status.


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