View and Filter the Incomplete Admissions Log

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From the ADT dashboard notification box, click Incomplete Admissions.




Note: The Admissions Log opens displaying a list of all incomplete admissions.


To view selected admissions, use the Status filter and select an option from the Status drop-down:

·         All: This option will display all the residents in the facility – whether admitted, discharged or transferred. The resident’s current ADT type will be displayed in the Status column.

·         Pre-Admitted (Overdue): This option will display all pre-admitted residents in the facility. These residents will not have a bed assignment.

·         Bed Assigned: This option will display all residents that are facility, unit, room and bed assigned.

·         *All Incomplete: This option will display all incomplete admissions and will include residents that are Incomplete, Bed Assigned, and Pre-Admitted.




Click Search.



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