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Click the Analytics tab on the dashboard.



Click the Rehospitalization radio button.



Note: The default view will show rehospitalizations for any admission between 30 and 60 days ago for any facility that you are assigned to in this account.



Modify any of the filter options for these analytics. Below are the available filter options:



·         Date From – Select any date through 30 days prior to the current date.

·         Date To – Select any date through 30 days prior to the current date.

·         Facility – will populate if you are only assigned to one facility.

·         Unit – Blank by default, enter a unit to see the results for one specific unit.

·         Include Observation Stays? – Unchecked by default and will display only residents that have a discharge outcome of Admitted, Inpatient. Check to include residents that were discharged with an outcome of Admitted, Observation as well.

·         Include Planned Hospitalizations? – Unchecked by default and will display all discharged residents that had Planned? set to No during discharge. When checked, the analytics will show residents that were re-hospitalized regardless of their Planned? status.

·         Physician –Blank by default. All physicians used in the calculations. Selecting a physician will limit the results on this screen to residents that were discharged by that physician.

·         Hospital – Blank by default, showing results for residents who triggered rehospitalizations regardless of the hospital where they were admitted from. Selecting a hospital here will limit the analytics to only residents that were admitted from that hospital.



Click Update Graph.



Note: Click to print the analytics. Click to export the analytics in a CSV format.



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