Initiate and Complete a Discharge

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Type the first few letters of the resident’s last name in the Resident Search field, click >.


Click (the Discharge icon) from the Actions column.


Note: You can also start the discharge process from the applicable Resident Summary page by clicking Discharge on the Navigation bar.



The Type dropdown will have Discharge pre-selected, and the Discharge Date and Discharge Time fields will pre-fill with the current date and time. Edit the discharge time, if necessary.


Note: If the resident has already been transferred out, the transfer date and time will pre-fill.



Select the reason for discharge from the Disposition dropdown.

The available options are:

·         Account facility – if being discharged to another facility within your account.

·         Acute Care Hospital

·         Against Medical Advice

·         Another Nursing Care Facility

·         Board and Care / Assisted Living

·         Deceased

·         Deceased in outside facility

·         MR / DD Facility

·         Other

·         Private Home / Apartment with home health service

·         Private Home / Apartment with no home health service

·         Psychiatric hospital

·         Rehabilitation hospital


Based the disposition selected, you will be required to select an option from the Facility and Assessment drop-downs.


Enter all available information in the Hospitalization Information box.


Enter details of the transfer reason in the Transfer Comment field.


The Bed Hold Days field will pre-fill as per your facility's policy. Edit the number if applicable. Enter the reason for the bed hold in the Bed Hold Reason field.


Select the applicable Print Reports radio button and check the Print D/C Orders? checkbox, if applicable.


Click Save.



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