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There is now an option to add a description library for ICD-10 codes in SigmaCare. This library allows a user to add diagnoses with an alias or “nickname”. For example, if you create an alias for CHF and add specific ICD-10 codes to this alias all the codes along with their full ICD description will show up at the top of the list when searching for CHF related diagnosis codes. This allows clinical staff members to search for diagnoses faster and it also improves accuracy when selecting diagnoses for a resident.

To add Diagnoses to your facility’s ICD-10 Library complete the following steps:

           1. Click Setup.

           2. Click Library Setup.

           3. Click ICD-10 Diagnosis Library Setup.

           4. If your facility has a library listed, select it.

           5. If no library is listed:

              - Click Add New Library

              - Enter your facility’s name into the Description field

              - Click Save.

              - Then click your library’s name to open it and proceed to step 6.

          6. Click Add New Item.

          7. Search for and select the diagnosis you want to add to the library.

          8. Click into the Item Description field and enter the alias/nickname/abbreviation you want users to be able to search.

          9. Click Save.

Note: Any Setup changes may only be performed by a user with the appropriate permissions. Please refer to your System Administrator before making changes to Setup.

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