CRM 20.7.0 Release Known Issues (Updated: 09/05/2017 1:12 PM)

Avatar Jennifer Kruczynski
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Below are the known issues discovered over the course of the 20.7.0 release.


Problem Number Description Date Reported Status
   When attempting to login to the Web Client, the Page does not appear centered, and the photo and the username field are not viable on the screen, therefore users are unable to enter their username.   09/28/2017  This will be resolved in 20.8. 
Workaround  Users should clear the browser cache. Please reference the following article for the steps to do this: Clearing Browser Cache - CRM
 328264 When accessing the login page via Mac computer, the username and password fields are not available at all.   10/12/2017  This will be resolved in 20.8. 
Workaround  Users should use a windows operating system with supported browsers.

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