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Care plans provide direction for individualized care of the resident. A care plan flows from each resident’s unique list of diagnoses and should be organized by the individual's specific needs. Continuity of care. The care plan is a means of communicating and organizing the actions of a constantly changing nursing staff. The new Care Plan module allows a seamless link from the resident's Care Plan to the resident's Nursing Instructions. 

To add Nursing Instruction Interventions to a Care Plan please perform the following tasks:

  1. Click on the intervention tab
  2. Click the Add New Intervention Button
  3. Select Add New Nursing Instruction Intervention
  4. Select the Nursing Instruction from the Question dropdown
  5. Enter/Update any necessary nursing instruction information
  6. Click Save

Note: The new Care Plan Module must be enabled to perform this task. To enable this module please contact Customer Support.

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