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In preparation for a transition to a new Care Plan functionality, there are a few steps you need to take to update your library. Below are the step-by-step instructions to help you with this process:


  1. Go to Setup - Library Setup - Care Plan Library Setup - Click on a printer icon to the right of your Facility's care plan library. Save a copy for reference.
  2. Click "Your Facility name" Care Plan Library
  3. Review the list of Focuses in your library. Inactivate all that are not used / should not be used by the facility staff by clicking on a green check mark
  4. Review each Focus and remove existing Nursing Instruction links if any
    • Click on Focus
    • Click on the red IconInactive.gif to the right of Nurse Instructions, if any
    • Click Save
  5. Review all interventions in each Focus and remove Nursing Instruction links if any
    • Click on the Goals/Interventions link to the right of the Focus
    • Check if there are any interventions linked to Nurse Instructions
    • To remove click on the Intervention - Click on the red IconInactive.gif to the right of Nurse Instructions - Save
  6. While reviewing Interventions, begin creating a list of all Focus/Interventions that are going to be replaced by a new Nursing Instruction Intervention once functionality is enabled
    • Example: 

The two free text interventions below 

 Would be replaced by one structured Intervention for transfer,  matching the options you currently see within CNA assignments 

  1. Notify your Account Manager when your library is updated and provide date/time when new Care Plan Functionality should be enabled for your Facility (M-F between 9am and 5pm)


An email notification will be sent to the System Administrator once the Care Plan functionality is enabled. Facility staff will be able to use new Care Plan module immediately. Users will be able to enter a Structured Focus and Nursing Instructions Intervention by selecting "Add New" option.  

System Administrator can edit Care Plan library templates to convert details of the Focus and Interventions from free text to structured once functionality is enabled.  This will allow facility staff to add Structured Focuses and Interventions as part of the library templates. 

Please follow the steps below to complete your library setup:

  1. Follow the list you created in step 5 above
  2. Click on the Goals/Interventions link to the right of the Focus
  3. Inactivate all Interventions from your list
  4. Add New Structured Interventions to replace free text interventions that were inactivated
    1. Add new
    2. Add New Nursing Instruction Intervention
    3. Select a Nursing Instruction from the drop down
    4. Select Discipline(s). Check all that apply
    5. Click Save
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for Each Focus/Interventions on your list

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