Creating a Rehabilitation Clarification Order in SigmaCare - CM

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Upon admission, readmission or medical event an Evaluate, Screen and Treat order may be entered for a resident in SigmaCare. Once the order has been entered it will require clarification by a therapist in SigmaCare.

In order to Clarify the order the following tasks must be performed:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Click on a value in the Rehab notification box under the new column.
  3. Click on the icon under the Actions column.
  4. Click on the Assigned drop down and select the therapist that will be performing the treatment.
  5. Click on the Disposition drop down and select therapy disposition.
  6. Click on the Onset Date drop down and select the appropriate date.
  7. Type any notes in the Comment field, if necessary.
  8. Enter the Intensity in the therapy intensity fields, if necessary.
  9. Click the Duration drop down and select how long the therapy should last.
  10. Click on the Procedures tab and enter the necessary CPT code(s) for the order by the following Select Method: Resident History, Library or Search.
  11. Click on the Diagnoses tab.
  12. Select Treatment Diagnosis for the order by using the following Select Method radio button: Resident Hx or Search.
  13. Next Select the Medical Diagnosis by clicking on the ICD-10 Code/Description
  14. Review the order summary.
  15. Click Complete to create the clarification order and send it for physician approval.

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