CRM 20.6 Release Known Issues (Updated: 8/23/2017 3:48PM)

Avatar Jennifer Kruczynski
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Below will be the known issues discovered over the course of the 20.6 release.

Problem Number Description Date Reported Status
 310660 Error Thrown When Logging Into Web Client During Peak Hours: No Valid Concurrent Users License Available  7/7/2017  Resolved
 Workaround Attempt to login again after refreshing, and/or waiting a few minutes. To help mitigate this issue, log out of each session (bottom right-hand corner) prior to closing browser.
 310660 Sync Error: Access Denied Error Message Error Exception: Message Content: 401 Access Denied  8/11/2017  Resolved
 Workaround This message is only thrown during peak hours, i.e. 7:00 am - 8:00 am and 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm, users should perform sync outside those times. 
 311957 Receiving Error When Editing My NativeMobile Group: Name entered is already in use.  Enter another  7/19/2017  Resolved
 Workaround  N/A

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