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Do I have to take the eLearnings prior to attending the in-class SigmaCare training?

Yes, we encourage staff members to take the eLearnings prior to attending the in-class SigmaCare training. The eLearnings provide a foundation of information prior to class. All courses also include assessments that you can use to measure your understanding of the content and it also prepares the user for the in class training sessions. Some of the information in the eLearnings do not overlap and it is not trained in class, therefore, it is important to take the eLearnings and attend the in-class training.


What will we learn in the SigmaCare in-class training?

During the first part of the training session the user will review facility specific information. The user will be able to write down key information that the Project Leads customized for the facility.

During the second part of the session the user will log into the training site and perform various exercises that are in the Practice Workbook.


Is the SigmaCare training hands on?

Yes, each participant is given a SigmaCare Guide and Practice Workbook. During the session the user will use the workbook to practice common tasks. There will be a session lead or trainer present to assist you if you get stuck at any point while walking through the Practice Workbook.


How do I log into the UAT account if I don't have username and password?

If you are unable to log into the UAT account please contact your System Administrator.


Who will track the progression of our SigmaCare learning?

eLearning reports are generated and sent to the facility on a weekly basis. The report will show the total number of lessons and how many of the lessons each user has completed. The report will also show the average quiz score for each discipline.

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