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Any incorrect documentation entered by the CNAs will have to be changed or deleted by a nurse in the facility. CNAs do not have the ability to fix their answers in the application. The user correcting the documentation will need to know the question and documentation due date/time that needs to be corrected.

Please follow the steps below to correct an incorrect documentation by a CNA:

  1. Resident Summary
  2. Open the CNA tab
  3. Click on the Grid + Pen icon Grid_Pen.jpg in the Actions column for the question that needs to be corrected
  4. History tab
  5. Using the Date From/To fields, locate the documentation to be corrected
  6. Click on the Grid + Magnifying Glass icon Grid_Magnify.jpg next to the desired documentation
  7. Click Add Correction
  8. Reason: click the drop-down arrow and select one of the below options
    • Change to Not Documented - will remove the CNA documentation and the assignment will appear for documentation again.
    • Data Entry Error - will allow the user to enter a correction and select a new answer.
  9. Save



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