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CNA tasks may be shift specific or time specific. If the CNA assignment is past the due time, then it will appear as overdue. Overdue assignments within the past 14 days can be signed off from the CNA application, anything older than 14 days will need to be signed off by logging in to SigmaCare from a desktop or laptop. 

Please follow the steps below for documenting on overdue CNA assignments from the CNA application.

  1. Tap the CNA Assignments Overdue box
  2. Tap the resident’s button
  3. Tap the task that is overdue (item will appear in yellow)
  4. Tap the Schedule button
  5. Select the date and time you are documenting for
  6. Review the the Nursing Summary instructions
  7. Tap each question and select the appropriate answer to complete the documentation for the specific question
  8. Tap the Save button



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