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The signature of the RN coordinating the CAA process and the signature of the staff person facilitating the care planning decision-making along with the completion dates must be entered on certain MDS assessment.

V0200B. Signature of RN Coordinator for CAA Process and Date Signed.

V0200C. Signature of Person Completing Care Plan Decision and Date Signed.

Please follow the steps below to sign the CAA and Care Plan completion for an MDS assessment.

  1. Open the MDS assessment
  2. Click the Assessments Completed link (located below the resident's picture)
    • MDS_Assessments_Completed.JPG
  3. In the MDS click on Assessments Completed (located right below the resident's picture)
  4. CAA Completion Date: select the desired date
  5. User: click the drop-down arrow and select the name of the RN assessment coordinator
  6. Care Plan Completion: select the desired date
  7. User: click the drop-down and select the name of the staff member facilitating the care planning decision-making
  8. Save

Please also see the Signing MDS Assessment, Question Z0500A article for the steps to sign the MDS assessments in question Z0500.

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