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24 Hour Reporting in SigmaCare provides the ability to shift paper processes to an electronic health record increasing visibility, communication and accessibility. This module helps transform departmental meetings and allow management staff to access real-time data on the 24 Hour Report and throughout the medical record to improve quality and outcomes of sessions. Significant time savings are realized with automatic population of 24 Hour Report from Admissions, Transfers, Discharges, Progress Notes, Orders, Accidents, Incidents and others.

Please follow the steps below to access the 24 Hour Report.

  1. Click 24 Hour Report on the Navigation Bar
  2. Enter any desired filter
  3. Search

A report for the 24 Hour Report can also be generated by following the steps below.

  1. Reports
  2. 24 Hour Report
  3. Show: select Shift Details
  4. Shift: select desired shift
  5. Enter in any other desired filters
  6. Run

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