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Occasionally, you may encounter residents that will need to be discharged from the facility. After discharge planning occurs and the resident is ready to leave the facility then you will need to discharge the resident from SigmaCare by performing the following steps: 

  1. Navigate to the Resident Summary
    1. Enter the first couple of letters in the resident's last name in the Resident Search box
    2. Click the Go button or press Enter on your keyboard
    3. Select the resident from the Resident Search results
  2. Select Discharge from the Navigation Bar
  3. Discharge Date & Time: update to reflect the exact time the resident was discharged
  4. Disposition: click the drop-down and select where the resident is being discharged to. Depending on the disposition selected, you may need to select the Facility they are being discharged to.
  5. Discharging Physician: view the physician entered and change it if that is not the authorizing physician
  6. Assessment: click the drop-down and select either "Discharged - return not anticipated," "Discharge - return anticipated" or "Death in Facility".
  7. Comment: enter any additional comments if necessary or desired
  8. Complete any additional information as instructed by your facility's policies and procedures. This may include:
    • Hospitalization Information - Information about the hospital they are being discharged to. Will be available based on the Disposition
    • Bed Hold information - Will only display if needed by your facility
  9. Reports: select desired reports option
    • None - will not open any reports
    • All - will open reports that are chosen by your facility's set up
    • Selected - use the  to select the specific reports that your need to open and print

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