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When viewing a resident's Administration Record (MAR or TAR), an order will always display all of the order's scheduled times. E.g. if an order has a schedule for 9am/1pm/5pm, then all three times will always display regardless if only the 5pm dose is currently due. There is not a way to filter the log to only display the time that is currently due for that order. This ensures that users are provided with a complete picture of the order and are aware of the documentation history - you can view the schedule, if the resident refused their previous dose, etc.

Even though you cannot filter out the times that are not due for the same order, you can filter a resident's Administration Record to view only orders that are currently due.

Please follow the steps below to filter a resident's Administration Record to only display due orders:

  1. While on the resident's Administration Record - locate the Select field to the right of the resident's photo
    • Admin_Record_Select.JPG
  2. Select: click Due
    • Admin_Record_Select.JPG
  3. The screen will automatically update and display only orders that are due or overdue

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