Setting Dashboard Assignment to View Charting Due on a Specific Unit or Shift - CM

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SigmaCare allows you set your dashboard assignment to a specific unit, medication cart, or shift, so that you will only see items applicable to that assignment appear on the Dashboard. Those items include the due medication and treatment administrations, CNA assignments, 24 hour report, etc.

Please follow the steps below to select your specific dashboard assignment.

  1. Locate the My Preferences icon on the Dashboard and click Change:
  2. Facility: click the drop-down and select the desired facility
  3. Unit: click the drop-down and select the desired unit
  4. Shift: click the drop-down and select the desired shift
  5. Medication Cart: click the drop-down and select the desired med cart
  6. Set As Default?: check this option only if you wish for the assignment to save and default for each time you log out then log back in
    • Note: Even if you have a default assignment selected, it change be changed in the future if covering another unit or shift.
  7. Save

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