CRM 20.4 Release Known Issues (Updated: 01/10/2017 4:17 PM ET)

Avatar Nicole Wells
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Below are the known issues discovered over the course of the 20.4 release.

Problem Number Description Date Reported Status
 279196 SQLite Error Thrown When Logging Into SigmaCare App After App Update to 20.4  1/5/2017 Resolved
Workaround Only would work if last login was within 24 Hrs: Turn on airplane mode, log into app, turn off airplane mode.
 279834 Only Impacts Clients Using SigmaCare Clinicals - Outbound Error Message Thrown When Sending Pre-Admit Resident From CRM to CM   1/6/2017  Resolved
Workaround  N/A
 279845 App Version 20.4.1 Crashes when adding a reoccurring activity.  1/9/2017  

 Use Follow-up option instead of scheduling activity as Recurring 


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